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Post-Execution Management

for Broker Dealers , Asset Managers , Custodians

Today’s complex financial services firms need a solution that meets today’s requirements. NRI's component-based approach and distributed processing can meet the challenges facing today’s broker dealer community. Whether their concerns are international processing, high-volume support, reduced batch times, enhanced transparency, usability or just a reduction in the number of applications they maintain, NRI's Solutions can enhance your process, simplify your technology and increase your flexibility.

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  • Dashboard and exception management
    Using NRI’s post-execution management solution’s customizable dashboards, operations personnel is able to customize key process indicators to conduct real-time data analysis. The point-and-click options allow users to drill down to trade, data and process exceptions. In addition, the product provides configurable exception-based queues to manage external interface communication.
  • Trade capture
    In addition to full tax, fee and commission calculation management and configuration capabilities, the offering provides purchase and sales, reconciliation and compression processing. The solution offers multi-product support for various asset classes, including foreign exchange, equities, fixed income, asset-backed securities, derivatives, loans and deposits, and promotes STP through front- and middle-office integration or direct input and upload options.
  • Lending and borrowing
    Traders and lending desk managers are able to integrate NRI’s post-execution management solution with industry standard front-end systems for extensive lifecycle management, including re-rate and re-price calculations, as well as substitutions. The product also provides support for stock loan, repo and bond borrowing, and buy/sell back processing, as well as integration to major service providers.
  • Position and balance
    Through this system’s real-time capabilities, firms can manage their positions from multiple points of view and calculate their P&L with flexible pricing methodologies, sources and priorities. The offering supports an error-free environment by conducting un-priced or stale price auditing. In addition, it provides fund managers with integrated position reconciliation tools with support for SWIFT messaging, as well as trade date, value date and settlement date based analysis.
  • Settlements
    The product seamlessly integrates with the industry standard messaging body SWIFT to support international custodian and CSD networks. In addition, it provides real-time cage processing with multiple CSDs and integrates with clients’ position management and general ledger systems, as well as with major industry utilities.
  • Corporate action and tax
    Firms using this solution will obtain complete integration with multiple event identification data sources, as well as with position and transaction components for full entitlement capture. Through NRI’s subject matter expertise, clients will be able to take advantage of NRI’s understanding of international treaty and withholding management guidelines. In addition, the product provides open item management and settlement integration with industry utilities.
  • General ledger
    This solution can easily integrate with corporate general ledger infrastructure and provides complete rules-based double-sided accounting postings, integrated trial balance reporting, as well as real-time journal processing.
  • Reference Data
    The post-execution management offering provides complete audit and change control reporting and extensive client support, including documentation, control and relationship hierarchies. In addition, operations managers have access to full product master control, configuration and cross referencing, and the ability to integrate this product with major data sources.


Real-time processing of back office operations across a group's multiple locations

  • User-friendly, with a single sign-on system and single database. it reduces the burden of operational errors arising from having to input in systems that vary depending on the location
  • Real-time processing of operations in multiple locations allows easy reconciliation within a single database.
  • Easy referencing of inter-company transaction data and creation of integrated reports for multiple locations.
  • Flexible user access control settings

Multi-currency, multi-asset management for various transactions

  • Comprehensive management of back office operations such as including Trade management (cash instrument, loan repo, exchange, deposits/loans, etc.), clearing, balance management, rights and dividends processing, accounting, etc.
  • A total system with a multitude of available functions necessary for back office operations. Can be used as a comprehensive solution or by selecting particular components and functions.

Advanced Corporate Actions processing which reduces manual operation workloads.

  • Compatible with Corporate Action processing and agent operations such as interest, redemption, dividends, stock dividends, mergers and acquisitions.
  • Rights and dividends processing functions include not only cash instrument transactions but also Stock Loan and Repo financing transactions
  • Whenever Corporate Actions change, details of entitlements can be automatically recalculated
  • Ability to conduct mark-to-market valuation taking into account rights and dividends payable date.

Highly Scale-able and low-cost response to transaction volume increase

Because of the three-tier architecture (database, business logic, web application) and scale-able configuration, fast and low-cost response to volume increases is possible through the addition of small-scale servers where needed.

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