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NRI Financial Solutions for Distributors

*for your cross-border business

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Enterprise Integration Gateway

The Enterprise Integration Gateway (EIG) solution offers live connectivity, with vast potential to integrate complex systems, regardless of geographic location or technology platforms. The solution is specifically designed to support operational processes for financial institutions, including broker/dealers, custodians, investment managers, and banks.

Hosted Communication Hub for Investment Funds

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) messaging hub, this solution enables electronic communication between fund administrators and investors, allowing them to exchange net asset value (NAV) and trading data for mutual funds. The offering is highly reliable and securely managed in NRI’s datacenters, which provide business continuity planning (BCP) and security to reduce the clients’ burden of maintaining and operating the system. This solution also enables them to use the data to check mutual fund trading, reducing the number of faxes or e-mail messages to mitigate overall operational risk.

Consulting and Outsourcing Services

In order to meet the evolving needs of the industry, NRI offers a full range of consulting and outsourcing services. Supported by a deep and long-standing background in the operational aspects of the business, NRI’s expertise in the Japanese and Asian region provides the proper tools to manage, execute and advise on key company projects.

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