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Hosted Communication Hub for Investment Funds

for Asset Managers , Fund Administrators , Transfer Agents , Distributors

A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) messaging hub, this solution enables electronic communication between fund administrators and investors, allowing them to exchange net asset value (NAV) and trading data for mutual funds. The offering is highly reliable and securely managed in NRI’s datacenters, which provide business continuity planning (BCP) and security to reduce the clients’ burden of maintaining and operating the system. This solution also enables them to use the data to check mutual fund trading, reducing the number of faxes or e-mail messages to mitigate overall operational risk.

  • Overview
  • Features


  • Subscription and Redemption
    NRI’s Hosted Communication Hub allows firms to manage their subscription and redemption processes. Fund management firms are able to receive post-trade notices following completed confirmations, exchange net asset value (NAV) data for mutual funds and get dividend notifications. In addition, the included calendar of global financial holidays helps plan ahead for any market closures. The seamless connectivity to the designated distributors promotes further straight-through processing and the system’s ability to integrate with clients’ existing accounting systems ensures data accuracy and processing efficiency. 
  • Daily report delivery (To be announced)
    Through the hub’s daily report delivery, investors can get balances and transactions for mutual funds they have invested. With unified reporting format, investors can easily handle fund data from multiple fund administrators. The hub will also search for and flag report transmission errors to clients to ensure further data and messaging accuracy.


Notification for investment fund transactions

Clients can utilize routine business data for items related to mutual funds. These items include communication for subscriptions and redemptions, confirmation, NAV, daily interests, capital gain distributions and commissions, and principal balance.

Enable to manage Fund holiday calendars

This function will notify holidays for investment funds transactions.

Reducing clients’ burden of system maintenance by taking the ASP-based approach

  • An ASP-based system accessible with office PCs
  • Automatic remote upgrading in case of a modification, thus reducing clients’ burden of system maintenance

Robust business continuity plan with redundant environment

The system and operation has a redundant environment, with servers at data centers in two cities. This makes it possible to provide services on a steady basis even in the event of disasters affecting a wide area.

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