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Wrap account total solution

Sales management and asset management solution for mutual fund advisory programs. *

A system solution for mutual fund advisory programs (fully-managed account for retail clients). Services for brokerage firms that support sales, investment management, and reporting to customers.
*For your business in Japan.

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logoWhen setting up mutual fund advisory program (fully-managed account for retail clients), examination/preparation for managing portfolios based on sales proposals/contracting operations and individual investment policies and for generating investment performance reports are necessary.

This total solution (WrapFlow, ListFlow) for NRI wrap accounts offers a system solution that strongly supports these types of operation.


Brokerage firms, trust banks, etc.


  1. Consulting service to define system requirements for mutual fund advisory programs

    NRI offers consulting service in order to build effective business flows and systems before starting mutual fund advisory programs

      1. Business flow building for mutual fund advisory programs (review of each flow, such as customer canvassing, proposals, contracts, opening wrap-designated accounts, beginning of investment, investment performance report generation, service cancellation)
      2. Propose a fee schedule (fixed-fee collection system, performance fee system using the high water mark)
      3. Review of contents written in proposals, contracts and investment performance reports (statutory reports)
      • Services for Asset Management Solutions (WrapFlow)

        WrapFlow provides various types of functions for managing mutual fund advisory operations.

          1. Automatically perform rebalance by registering asset allocation.
          2. Calculates fixed fees and performance fees
          3. Portfolio performance calculation using time-weighted rate of return
          4. Seamless connection with brokerage back office system (STAR-IV)
        • Client Relationship Management (ListFlow)

          ListFlow provides sales support for mutual fund advisory programs and customer management.

            1. Managing sales’ meeting records
            2. RTQ (Risk Tolerance Questionnaire) functions for measuring customer risk tolerance
            3. Generate proposals with the most appropriate portfolio based on RTQ
            4. Generate contracts based on proposals containing investment course, return system, cuts in losses/profit-lock amount
          • Information disclosure for (ListFlowCS) service functions

            ListFlowCs provides functions for disclosing investment status to customers.

              1. Generate investment performance reports for customers after starting mutual fund advisory program
              2. Referencing the portfolio investment status of customers at sales locations
              3. Online service for customers to reference their own portfolio investment status by using the InternetExample of standard specifications for the connecting terminal

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