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Back-office solution for asset management firms and trust banks *

T-STAR/TX is a solution designed for asset managers, supporting their overall mutual fund back-office operations including trust asset management. It holds the No.1 market share in the net asset value (NAV) calculation solutions in Japan.
*For your business in Japan.

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Calculation of NAVs of securities and mutual funds with daily changing pricing data is one of the most important operations for investment management companies and trust banks. T-STAR/TX supports such large amounts of complex calculations as well as overall mutual fund back-office operations including trust asset management.

By using T-STAR/TX, trust banks can conduct NAV calculation of their trust assets as well as calculation agency services on behalf of investment management companies. It also offers the function of creating regulatory-required reports, and provides the end-user computing (EUC) environment allowing clients to process trust asset data with simple operations.

As a next generation system of T-STAR that has 80% share in the calculation of “reference NAVs of open-end funds” published daily in Nikkei, T-STAR/TX supports back-office operations for investment management companies.


Asset management firms, Trust banks, 70 clients


1. Supporting mutual fund back-office operations

  • In addition to trust asset management, T-STAR/TX offers the function of creating regulatory-required reports, and provides the EUC environment allowing clients to process trust asset data with simple operations.

2. Reducing hardware maintenance burden with a centralized server system

  • Clients can use a shared server operated at NRI’s data centers
  • NRI provides operation and maintenance services for the server

* The above services are included in the T-STAR/TX fee.

3. Security

  • Log-in to T-STAR/TX is strictly controlled by password history management, a log-in timeout function, etc.
  • Clients can search and view log file data for audits and other operations.
  • User-operability of screens and functions can be restricted with internal authentication settings for each business unit and function

4. Reliable fault-tolerant and disaster-resistant control

  • NRI provides alternative sites in case of accidents and disasters.


Attribution management

Attribution of funds, stocks, stock dividends and rights, stakeholders, open-selling mutual fund management companies

Market-value data management 

Market values used for the valuation of investment products, foreign exchange rates
Product management (execution price calculation, balance management, valuation, ledger accounting)

Settings of subscription and redemption

Domestic stocks and warrants, margin transactions, domestic bonds, domestic futures and options, domestic short-term products, domestic FOFs/REITs, mother funds, call loans, SWAPs (interests), domestic mortgage bonds, TBA transactions, foreign stocks, foreign bonds, foreign futures and options, foreign short-term products, foreign FOFs/REITs, yen-denominated foreign mutual funds, listed mutual funds, domestic stock/bond lending/borrowing transactions, and foreign currency-denominated NDFs

Documentation function (including ILF systems)

Investment instructions, schedules of securities (balance statements), daily trial balance sheets, other operational documents, fund financial statements

Fund-related functions

NAV calculation, fund accounting closing, ledger accounting registration, fund fee calculation (including agency service commissions), audit fee calculation

Database services

Market values of foreign stocks and bonds (SIX Financial Information)*1, estimated domestic stock dividends per share, changes in capital and the number of shares issued for domestic stocks
Theoretical prices for domestic bonds


Execution data, market value data, stock attribution data, exchange rates, foreign asset credit data, and dividend payments


Market value DL for trustee banks, real-time quotes of domestic stocks, estimated dividends per share, market values of foreign stocks and bonds


Linking to JASDEC’s settlement matching system, linking to execution data (trustee banks), receiving subscription/redemption statement, foreign tax management, cleansing support for market value data, foreign securities attribution management, daily ledger output in a PDF format

Documentation function

securities reports, investment reports (disclosure materials), optional reference date disclosure materials, New BIS reports, business reports, fixed-form inspection reports (SEC), electronic reporting on the BOJ system under the Foreign Exchange Act

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  • Phone+81-(0)45-613-7053
  • E-mailtx-sales@nri.co.jp

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