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A digital correspondence service *

*For your business in Japan.

The growing use of the Internet has made it possible to conduct real-time correspondence that has previously been sent by post. Electronic communication dramatically reduces the time it takes to mail items, the related costs, and the clerical procedures necessary to manage large volumes of mailed documents. There are also substantial benefits for recipients of digital correspondence, such as the ability to immediately view items eliminating concern of losing them. POSTUB, a digital correspondence service, is NRI’s response to this industry need.

POSTUB is an ASP service for the delivery of electronic messages. Companies can upload the correspondence to be delivered to their customers on the POSTUB server, which the customers can then access to obtain the documents addressed to them. End-users can view, search, and download the messages from POSTUB. The service allows firms to securely and speedily exchange information with their customers, to improve customer relations while substantially reducing mailing costs.

 The following are the major features of POSTUB.

Verify and cancel delivery

Senders can verify, cancel delivery of, and delete the electronic documents through POSTUB before they arrive in the electronic mailbox.

View emails and documents online

Sent documents are stored in the electronic mailbox, and recipients can easily view and download these documents through the POSTUB website.

Send delivery notifications

When a document arrives in the mailbox, a delivery notification is sent to the sender via email.

Manage delivery records

By conducting searches and downloading records from the website, firms can check in real-time whether documents in an electronic mailbox have been viewed.

Store and archive

The electronic messages can be stored for a designated time, after which the item is deleted and feedback is provided to the sender.

SBI Securities, the largest Internet-based securities trading company in Japan, was among the first to go live with POSTUB and today uses it for sending electronic messages, including transaction reports, account balance statements, explanatory material, and agreements. By implementing POSTUB, SBI Securities was able to reduce fees, promptly provide customers with abundant information, and manage their correspondence.

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