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NRI Process Innovation,Ltd.

Outsourcing services for asset managers *

NRI Process Innovation, Ltd. provides outsourcing services for middle- and back-office operations for asset managers, helping them improve efficiency while managing costs.
*For your business in Japan.

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NRI Process Innovation, Ltd. provides outsourcing services for middle- and back-office operations for asset managers, helping them improve efficiency while managing costs. 

  • Provides a broad range of services for middle- and back-office operations for asset managers
  • Provides unique and tailored solutions, as well as standard business process outsourcing (BPO) services


More than 50 firms, including asset managers and trust banks


Provides industry-leading services to help firms reduce costs

How it works

NRI’s services eliminate the concerns asset managers have regarding BPO.

Business continuity risk

Q: If operations are outsourced to a BPO vendor, won’t this jeopardize the quality of operations and make monitoring a burdensome process for my firm?

A: The operations are handled by experienced NRI personnel who have worked extensively with large and mid-sized Japanese and foreign asset management companies. During the transfer of operations, NRI and the client work closely together to share information and ensure accuracy. Clients can check the quality of NRI’s performance during the transfer period and before outsourced operations begin.

Burden during the transfer period

Q: Won’t the transfer of operations to the BPO vendor mean more work for my firm?

A: NRI actively supports firms during the transfer of operations.
The details of the operations transfer are outlined using a process created by NRI, ensuring the client of NRI’s competence in the subject matter. In addition, NRI plays a central role in carrying out the transfer project.

Loss of expertise

Q: Would I be able to get the subject matter expertise I need for processes such as launching a new fund?

A: NRI’s client services team not only runs the daily operations, but also handles any inbound inquiries regarding the operations, functioning as a client consultation desk.

Responding to the needs of individual companies

Q: Isn’t it true that services provided by BPO vendors are standardized, making it impossible for them to respond to the unique needs of individual companies?

A: While NRI’s overall goals are to increase operational efficiency, improve processes quality, and reduce costs by adopting standard operational flows and output specifications, NRI fully understands that it is important to tailor services to the needs and characteristics of individual companies.

Managing vendors

Q: Once we start outsourcing business operations, we need to manage the BPO vendor for reasons such as regulatory audits – how difficult would these management tasks be?

A: When starting the project, NRI provides clients with an operation description sheet, which can also be used to clearly indicate the operations transferred to NRI. NRI provides clients with reports on the daily status of operations, progress in completing tasks, and quality checks in order to reduce the burden on asset managers of monitoring the outsourced operations.

Mutual fund operations

  • Data processing services
    NRI reconciles the execution information shared by the managing staff with information contained in broker confirmations. In addition, data used to calculate the net asset value (NAV) – such as market price, product attributes, and rights, and dividends information – is checked against various vendors and previously recorded data, which increases the accuracy of the calculation.
  • NAV calculations for mutual fund asset management
    NRI records the various data necessary to calculate NAV, completes the calculations, and reconciles the results with the trust bank.
  • Support for creating mutual fund investment reports
    An Excel-formatted investment report is extracted from T-STAR/TX, making it possible to outsource operations from proofreading and checking reports, to creating templates for reports.
  • Support for creating weekly and monthly mutual fund reports
    Clients can outsource operations from managing product features to creating, proofreading, and checking weekly and monthly reports.
  • Support for creating mutual fund EDINET-related reports (prospectus, registration, financial statements, etc.)
    Clients can outsource design, creation, figure checks, version control and printing operations.

Distributor management operations

  • Manage the delivery of mutual fund reports
    NRI provides outsourcing services for documents, such as prospectuses and investment reports, which have to be sent to distributors. Clients can manage shipping instructions based on requests from distributors, the most recent version of the report, and the number of copies required.

Investment advising operations

  • Investment advising for asset managers, and support for creating reports
    NRI can provide outsourcing services for operations with instructions from an investment advising company, such as data recording, calculations and reconciliation with the trust bank, as well as report generation.
    Clients can also outsource advisory fees and billing calculations.

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