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About NRI Financial Solutions -for your cross-border business

NRI Financial Solutions is application suite designed to meet today’s operational needs of the global financial services community including broker-dealers, asset managers, custodians, distributors, fund administrators and transfer agents. Solutions address several key operational challenges, including a seamless, cross-border system for a firm with multiple global locations.
Delivered via ASP or on a licensed basis, NRI Financial Solutions has a proven track record in capital markets. Leaning on its local-market expertise, NRI can help international financial services firms bridge the gap between their global locations and Japan, and vice versa. As part of the Financial Solution suite, NRI offers post-execution management services, a hosted communication hub for foreign-domiciled funds, and comprehensive order management systems (OMSs). NRI Financial Solutions is designed to promote operational efficiency across all types of financial institutions while maintaining costs.

In order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace, buy and sell-side institutions are looking to operate and expand their businesses globally, while managing costs and improving efficiencies. With the increased pressure from regional regulators, firms also need to ensure they remain adaptable, compliant and have trusted access to company-wide transaction and reference data in real-time.

In direct response to these needs, NRI Financial Solutions has developed its next generation securities processing platform designed from the ground up leveraging newer technologies and years of client-focused experience. The basis for the platform design is to change the way back-office operations are managed across all types of financial institutions.

The key operational challenges NRI’s Financial Solutions suite addresses

  • Reduction in the number of processing systems
  • Support for global, regional and off-shore processing models
  • Volume scalability
  • Real-time/on-line processing
  • Flexible implementation options
  • Support for multiple entities, products, currencies and institution types
  • Ability to adapt to quickly changing regulatory environments

Delivered via ASP or on a licensed basis, NRI Financial Solutions allows users to customize their implementation with several modules, including dashboard and exception management, trade capture, lending and borrowing, position and balance, settlements, corporate actions and tax, general ledger and data management.

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