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Post-earthquake reconstruction continues to blaze trail into uncharted territory

Mar. 2014

by Fumihiko Kamio

Miyagi Prefecture was particularly hard-hit by the catastrophic Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011. It is now implementing a ten-year reconstruction plan in three phases. The first phase (three years) is restoration to the pre-earthquake status quo. In the second phase (four years), the Prefecture plans to revitalize (upgrade) its infrastructure to where it would have been if the earthquake had never occurred. In the third phase (three years), the Prefecture aims to better fortify itself against future natural disasters. With no model to follow for any of the three phases, Miyagi Prefecture is grappling with difficult challenges on a daily basis. NRI's Fumihiko Kamio spoke to Shinya Endo, head of Miyagi Prefecture's reconstruction program, about the challenges that lie ahead in 2014, the first year of the ten-year plan's revitalization phase.

*Organization names and job titles are current as of the publishing dates

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Author's Profile

Fumihiko Kamio

General Manager,
Social System Consulting Department