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Capital Markets & IT -lakyara

Financial institutions are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, adapt to regulatory changes and grow their business. NRI believes that a combination financial knowledge and information technology are crucial to the industry’s growth and development. Through our lakyara reports, NRI identifies the various capital markets and IT issues impacting our clients and the future of their business.
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May. 2013

Capital Markets

A “global standard” for central banks

Tetsuya Inoue

BOJ adopts “global standard” inflation target… With the Kuroda BOJ’s announcement of unprecedented easing measures, it is perhaps easy to forget the significance of the Bank’s adoption of an inflation target already in January, given the long years of debate that led up to that event.

Chinese Capital Markets

China's securities industry one year after landmark deregulatory conference

Takeshi Jingu

China has announced many deregulatory measures since unveiling an ambitious deregulatory agenda for its securities industry at the Conference on Innovation and Development of Securities Companies nearly a year ago. How securities firms respond to deregulation will be a key focal point going forward.

Capital Markets

Japan to normalize short-selling regulations

Sadakazu Osaki

Japan's Financial Services Agency has unveiled plans to rescind the emergency short-selling restrictions imposed during the 2008 financial crisis and replace them with revised permanent regulations.Its proposed revisions are timely and sensible. They should help to improve market liquidity and price formation.

Brokerage Business

Chinese credit investment opportunities and risks

Takeshi Shimamura

Some funds are starting to pursue relatively high returns by lending money to credit-starved Chinese SMEs. Although the potential returns are attractive, such lending poses practical challenges.