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Capital Markets & IT -lakyara

Financial institutions are under constant pressure to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, adapt to regulatory changes and grow their business. NRI believes that a combination financial knowledge and information technology are crucial to the industry’s growth and development. Through our lakyara reports, NRI identifies the various capital markets and IT issues impacting our clients and the future of their business.
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Jan. 2006

Brokerage Business

Can Individual Investors drive Stock Market Growth?

Takahiro Tanaka

With the spread of online trading, individual investors now account for a growing share of equity trades. While foreign investors remain the driving force behind the Japanese stock market, individual investors tend to be contrarians, moderating price fluctuations by buying or selling in the opposite direction of market movements.

Retail Business

Fund Management Outsourcing by Investment Trusts

Yasutoshi Kaneko

As the fund business expands, more investment trust companies are hiring outside advisors to manage funds. For managers without a Japanese investment trust license, outsourcing offers a promising entry to the retail managemnet business.