1. Research Analysts
  2. Tetsuya Inoue

Tetsuya InoueChief Researcher, Financial Technology and Market Research Department

Tetsuya Inoue capitalizes on his strong background in the central bank to conduct policy issue studies. Mr. Inoue has over twenty years of experience in surveillance of the financial markets as well as overseas activities of the Japanese banks. He also benefits from the intellectual support by his extensive network of experts at financial authorities, banks, research institutes and financial media. In 2012, Mr. Inoue launched “Banking Panel” and “Roundtable Forum between China and Japan,” expanding the scope of this research to commercial banking in Japan, as well as providing its lessons to China. He is an active writer for various economic journals, and a commentator for TV programs dedicated to experts in the financial markets.


  • Research on financial markets developments both domestic and international
  • Studies of monetary policy measures in advanced economies
  • Studies of crisis measures and financial stabilization policy by central banks
  • Studies of international currency system and foreign exchange policy


  • 1985- Bank of Japan, International department
  • 1987- Transferred temporarily to Ministry of International Trade and Industry
  • 1994-1996 Secretary of Mr. Toshihiko Fukui, Deputy Governor
  • 2000-2003 A Staff for Member of the Policy Board
  • 2006-2008 Associate Director General, International Finance, Bank of Japan
  • 2008- Nomura Research Institute, Chief Researcher