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  2. Hiroyuki Nozaki

Hiroyuki NozakiPh.D., Senior Consultant, Financial IT Retail Business Planning Department

Hiroyuki Nozaki is a Senior Consultant with the Financial Technology Solution division of Nomura Research Institute and assumed this role in October 2012. Mr. Nozaki is responsible for conducting research on insurance industry and mutual-aid organization regulations, as well as market trends. Additionally, Mr. Nozaki produces industry-leading case studies of international insurance firms and through his work at NRI, he contributes to furthering the Japanese insurance and financial services market. Mr. Nozaki also researches and demonstrates next-generation financial products.

Mr. Nozaki initially joined NRI in July 2008 and has been commissioned by government agencies, industry organizations and financial firms to conduct research on banks, insurance firms and mutual-aid organizations. Prior to joining the firm, he held various positions at several non-life insurance companies and rating agencies.


  • Risk management
  • Risk finance
  • Products, regulations, market trends of insurance and mutual-aid organizations


  • 1999- The Dai-Tokyo Fire & Marine Insurance Co.,Ltd.
  • 2007- Moody's Japan


Many contributed articles for industry magazines