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Data Security Challenges in the Cloud

Feb 05. 2015

The recent incident of data theft by an employee at Morgan Stanley has made the issue of data security top-of-mind for many industry professionals. It has particular relevance today, as cloud computing has transformed the world of IT.

Fixed Income Trading: The Rush to Adopt New Technology Platforms

Jan 05. 2015

Given ongoing trends in rising costs and dwindling revenues, fixed income has been under pressure for some time now. This has forced many banks to overhaul their trading operations, and in the past few months, there has been a flurry of announcements around the launch of new electronic platforms from Citi, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and others.

Asset Management Back Office Automation: The Need of the Hour

Dec 04. 2014

There is a sense of urgency among back office professionals at asset management companies to automate their back office processes in order to keep up with the regulatory changes and to control the risk of errors associated with manual processing. The fragmentation of back-office systems and the inability for manual processes to meet the increasingly demanding reporting deadlines have emerged as major areas of concern for many asset managers.

Increasingly, investment managers are under pressure to reduce costs and find ways to optimize their global operations for sustainable business growth. Having many legacy systems across the globe could be costly and firms are constantly assessing strategic ways to minimize costs and operational risks.

Need for Greater Global Regulatory Cooperation and Market Integration for Increased Cross-border Trades

Dec 17. 2014

The overall global approach to regulatory reform, as mandated by the G20, depends on coordinated and reciprocal action by national and regional regulatory bodies, as well as by the financial institutions themselves. According to Ashley Alder, CEO of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Hong Kong, “The overarching need is to work better together to promote efficient flows of capital across regional markets and to encourage a wide range of cross-border financial activities.” Carrying that work out in a way that benefits Asia and results in positive engagement with the EU and the US – where the vast majority of firms are based – will be a challenge, Alder adds.

Upcoming Regulatory Changes in Japan

Jun 25. 2014

Here is update on upcoming regulation changes in Japan.

-(JGB) Trust bank to participate in JSCC clearing on JGB
-(JGB) New BOJ-Net Phase 2 network connectivity testing starts

-(JPX)Small tick program: Decimalization applied to pilot securities
-(JGB)New BOJ-Net Phase 2 basic function testing starts (until Oct, 2014)

-(JPX)TSE/OSE Derivative clearing system integration
-(JPX)JPX-Nikkei 400 Futures launch
-(JGB)New BOJ-Net Phase2: online testing starts (until April, 2015)

NRI FT India Assists in Development of Mongolian Market Financial and Trading Infrastructure

Nov 15. 2013

We recently announced that Nomura Research Institute’s Financial Technologies India (NRI FT India) division has partnered with Omnesys Technologies and Global Investment Initiative (GII) to build and modernize financial and trading infrastructure in the Mongolian market with a front-to-back brokerage system.

BPO Rises in the East

Aug 23. 2013

Asset managers in Japan, who had historically eschewed business process outsourcing because of concerns over quality and accuracy, are now realizing its benefits, specifically as they seek cost efficiencies and resource management flexibility. In a recent TabbFORUM article, Toshiaki Naito, Head of Nomura Research Institute’s BPO Services, details why an increasing number of Japanese financial institutions are embracing BPO, and making it an integral part of their overall business strategies.

The Price of Information

Aug 20. 2013

As regulatory reporting requirements get increasingly onerous, firms are focusing more on their data management technology. In a recent article from Best Execution magazine, Yasutoshi Kaneko, General Manager at NRI, discusses the challenges of outsourcing data and the importance of working with the right vendor. According to Yasutoshi, financial services firms are looking to outsource their management processes in order to ensure their data is clean and accurate.

Planning for Business Continuity in 2013

Jan 09. 2013

Business continuity planning (BCP) has recently become of increasing significance. Over the last several years, firms have faced an unpredictable and unprecedented amount of disasters that have forced company management teams and leaders across the globe to address how to recover and keep services running with minimal disruption for clients. Massive disturbances to the East Coast of the United States, and in particular the major financial hub of New York City, by Hurricane Sandy has placed BCP into the spotlight for 2013.