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Market Info

The Benefits and Challenges of NoSQL

Jun 17. 2016

Recently, financial institutions are increasingly paying attention to NoSQL databases.

Upcoming Regulation Changes in Japan in 2016

Oct 26. 2015

Below is a list of upcoming regulation changes in Japan.

The Chief Data Officer (CDO)– New Kid in the C-Suite

Jun 02. 2015

As technology continues to rapidly develop and big data becomes an increasingly dominant force in the industry, organizations are beginning to realize the importance of investing in this information by hiring a Chief Data Officer (CDO).

Growth of ETFs and Their Infrastructure Needs

Apr 06. 2015

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have grown rapidly around the globe in recent years. Currently, around 2 trillion USD are invested in ETFs, and this number is expected to grow by 40 to 60 percent in the near term, as funds continue to flow into them from various regions, including Asia.

Bringing Clarity to Dark Pools

Mar 06. 2015

Up until June 2014, when New York State’s top securities regulator sued Barclays for favoring high-frequency traders over other investors in its dark pool, this sinister-sounding term was not nearly as well- recognized as it is today. Even now, “dark pool” carries an aura of mystery, and there are many misconceptions about its definition and operations.

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