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NRI and Thomson Reuters together are supporting Wealth Managers’ Seeking Greater Investment Opportunities

May 10. 2018

In developed financial markets, like in the US, it’s becoming more important to diversify risks and international investments to ensure profits due to the low interest rate policy.

Trading of international securities is necessary for the diversification of international investments. Despite this necessity however, investment in the international securities trading system has often been neglected by most organizations because the size of business remained small. As a result, increasing the trading volume and reducing the number of administrative errors remain a challenge for financial institutions.

However, the demand for trading international securities has been increasing, particularly in the US.

Thomson Reuters who provides Beta now has strategic relationship with NRI to super charge the international post trade processing capabilities. This strategic alliance will allow for automated, intelligence-driven post-trade processing for multi-market and multi-currency securities.

Wealth managers currently are driven to diversify portfolios, and US investors are hungry for more and more opportunities in other markets. As this need increases, the corresponding demand from regulators for transparency increases with it, automated solution for single-stock recording processes will allow companies the efficiency to grow these markets without sacrificing their operational capacity.

Learn more about our new strategic relationship:http://fis.nri.co.jp/en/news/2018/05/20180503en.html