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NRI Financial IT Forum 2012 -Japan Delivers Strong Financial Services the Industry Can Depend On

Dec 13. 2012

As NRI has been serving the Japanese financial market for many decades, we have noticed the industry becoming more global and with new challenges being introduced every year. In an effort to foster this development, NRI invited its clients and other industry participants to take part in the first annual NRI Financial Forum. Held last month, the invitation-only event brought 780 guests from 243 firms to hold meaningful discussion around the pre-set theme

Japan’s strong financial services and the opportunities in the market. Representatives from banks, exchanges, regional banks, asset managers, pension funds, insurance firms, investment banks, consultants and vendors gathered together to address further industry improvements and how NRI can keep providing sustainable financial services in Japan.

The event featured distinguished keynote speakers from NRI, Suruga Bank, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange, covering timely topics such as competing in the global market, retail banking trends and the changing capital market infrastructure. Attendees also participated in several sessions on a variety of topics, including capital market rejuvenation, retail brokerage, capital market infrastructure, banking, and the business environment for investment managers. Attendees also learned about NRI’s product roadmap and got a comprehensive overview of existing offerings through a solutions exhibition.

Please enjoy these photos from the event. We look forward to next year’s NRI Financial Forum

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