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BNY Mellon – Middle-Office and Back-Office Outsourcing: Successful Lift Outs or Co-Sourcing Arrangements Hold Promise for Japanese Asset Management Firms

Jul 25. 2012

In this paper Nomura Research Institute and BNY Mellon discuss global and Japanese outsourcing trends, the labor tradition challenges that outsourcing providers face in Japan, co-sourcing as a potential outsourcing model, and a successful “lift out” at an asset management firm, which demonstrates how providers can overcome these challenges when working with Japanese asset management firms.

Japanese and US Monetary Policy: Convergent Frameworks, Divergent Motivation

Jul 18. 2012

The BOJ and Fed's monetary policy frameworks have converged as both central banks have adopted de facto inflation targets and committed to maintaining ultra-low interest rate policies. However, the Fed and BOJ had different motivations in adopting such a framework.

AIJ Scandal: Superficial and Deeper Issues Facing Japanese Pension Funds

Jul 10. 2012

Japanese pension funds suffered huge losses from fraud perpetrated by AIJ Investment Advisors. To avoid such fraud, pension funds need to possess sufficient asset management expertise on staff. Also needed are legal reforms to permit pension funds to appoint outside experts to their governing boards and enlarge their scale through pooled management of assets.

NRI at the 39th Annual SIFMA Operations Conference

Jun 27. 2012

We would like to thank everyone who came to see our booth at the 39th Annual SIFMA Operations Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Overall, it was quite a successful conference for NRI! The launch of our new innovative solution suite was received with excitement by the industry – we’ve gotten some great feedback on the products. If you’re interested to hear more and to learn about the new solution, please contact NRIA at info@nria.com.

China Unveils Detailed Roadmap for Financial and Capital Account Liberalization

Jun 19. 2012

A recent PBoC report and press conference have clarified China's plans vis-a-vis financial and capital account liberalization. China appears ready to proceed with liberalization while exercising care to prevent risks through such means as establishing a deposit insurance program.

The AIJ Scandal and Regulation of Investment Managers

May 24. 2012

The revelation that AIJ Investment Advisors is unable to account for 90% of the pension fund assets it manages has shocked the Japanese public. With the facts not yet fully known, it may be premature to comment on this scandal without inviting criticism.

Reducing Information Gathering and Analysis Costs is the Key to Revitalizing the Securitization Market

May 09. 2012

Japan's securitization market appears to have finally bottomed, but sustained recovery hinges largely on reduction in the cost of gathering and analyzing information. Achieving this aim will require innovative solutions.

Olympus’s Stock Remains Listed

Apr 17. 2012

In response to the revelation that Olympus had concealed losses for many years, the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) designated its stock a “security on alert,” allowing Olympus to retain its listing. Although the TSE’s decision itself is not unjustified, its disciplinary system should be improved in certain respects.

Key Issues Facing China’s Fund Industry in 2012

Apr 05. 2012

In 2011, Chinese securities investment funds performed poorly amid a decline in equity prices, revealing the fund industry’s shortcomings in bold relief. In response, initiatives are afoot to diversify sales channels and improve fund companies’ corporate governance.

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