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The Price of Information

Aug 20. 2013

As regulatory reporting requirements get increasingly onerous, firms are focusing more on their data management technology. In a recent article from Best Execution magazine, Yasutoshi Kaneko, General Manager at NRI, discusses the challenges of outsourcing data and the importance of working with the right vendor. According to Yasutoshi, financial services firms are looking to outsource their management processes in order to ensure their data is clean and accurate.

Thank you for visiting NRI at SIFMA Ops

May 16. 2013

Recently, NRI and Strategic Insight partnered to host a Webinar on the topic of fund distribution in Asia. Sadayuki Horie, Senior Researcher at NRI, and Daniel Eriskat, Senior Managing Director, Head of Global Consulting Thank you for stopping by our booth in Boca Raton earlier this month. For those of you who were unable to stop by, we wanted to reach out to discuss our proposition.

Q&A with Midori Miyasaka: Insights from TSAM London 2013

Apr 26. 2013

Midori Miyasaka, Business Analyst at Nomura Research Institute, recently presented a piece of proprietary research on global communication platforms for Japanese market participants at TSAM Europe in London. Following the event, we sat down with Midori-san to discuss some of the highlights and compelling points from her presentation.

Thank you for visiting us at TSAM

Mar 25. 2013

Thank you for stopping by NRI booth at TSAM London. We enjoyed meeting a lot of people and introducing ourselves in London.

Planning for Business Continuity in 2013

Jan 09. 2013

Business continuity planning (BCP) has recently become of increasing significance. Over the last several years, firms have faced an unpredictable and unprecedented amount of disasters that have forced company management teams and leaders across the globe to address how to recover and keep services running with minimal disruption for clients. Massive disturbances to the East Coast of the United States, and in particular the major financial hub of New York City, by Hurricane Sandy has placed BCP into the spotlight for 2013.

NRI Financial IT Forum 2012 -Japan Delivers Strong Financial Services the Industry Can Depend On

Dec 13. 2012

As NRI has been serving the Japanese financial market for many decades, we have noticed the industry becoming more global and with new challenges being introduced every year. In an effort to foster this development, NRI invited its clients and other industry participants to take part in the first annual NRI Financial Forum. Held last month, the invitation-only event brought 780 guests from 243 firms to hold meaningful discussion around the pre-set theme

Various Factors Drive Asset Management Firms to Adopt Single Global Platforms

Oct 08. 2012

For the past several years, asset management firms have been reevaluating and exploring ways to consolidate their existing IT systems on a global scale. Through speaking with industry participants, such as in the case of our recent study, it is becoming clear that asset management firms are adopting flexible, global platforms in order to grow their business and strengthen their core competency.

Earthquake's Impact on Financial Behavior and Growth in ‘Digital Seniors’

Aug 01. 2012

This article is the first in a four-part series on structural changes in Japanese's financial mindset and behavior based on analysis of data from an NRI questionnaire of 10,000 consumers. It discusses the need for more financial services that reflect renewed recognition of the importance of interpersonal safety nets and meet new advisory needs that have arisen in response to last year's earthquake and medium-term structural changes in Japanese society.

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