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Japan-China Financial Roundtable

Jointly sponsored by Nomura Research Institute and the China Finance 40 Forum, the Roundtable provides opportunities for experts to discuss financial markets policy in Japan and China.

The Japan-China Financial Roundtable is intended to provide a forum for discussing financial markets policy in Japan and China.

The Roundtable held its first meeting in Beijing in June 2012. From our perspective it represents a first step towards the globalization of the Financial Markets Panel.

Japan and China are Asia’s leading economies, and the healthy development of their financial markets is important not only for the two countries but also for the global economy and financial system in the post-financial crisis era. It is hoped that providing opportunities for Japanese and Chinese experts to share their knowledge and exchange views will support policy implementation in both countries-Japan needs a financial system tailored to delivering stable growth in a maturing real economy, while China is pushing ahead with financial liberalization in a variety of areas at a time of rapid economic growth.

There are already a variety of public- and private-sector initiatives underway between Japan and China with similar approaches and objectives. However, the Financial Roundtable focuses mainly on financial markets policy and seeks to strengthen personal connections between experts in the two countries. It is the Roundtable’s goal to have policymakers, academics, and practitioners contribute their own unique perspectives to discussions, share the findings of those discussions, and apply them to policy administration. To do this they will need to draw on the unique strengths of the Financial Markets Panel and the China Finance 40 Forum.

As with the Financial Markets Panel, it is hoped that the content of Roundtable discussions can be shared with academics, practitioners, and policymakers both inside and outside Japan via personal communications and published proceedings.

*China Finance 40 Forum:
CF40 is an independent think-tank established in 2008 for the study of financial policy. Headed by Chen Yuan and based in the Xicheng district of Beijing, CF40 has published numerous reports on financial markets policy in China and elsewhere and holds biweekly seminars with participants drawn from Chinese policymaking authorities, universities, and state-owned financial institutions. See the CF40 website below for details.