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Financial Market Panels

Established by Nomura Research Institute to discuss financial markets policy with a focus on central banking, the Panel has been meeting on a bimonthly basis since its creation in March 2009. Standing members include both academics and practitioners.

The Nomura Research Institute offers a variety of policy recommendations with the aim of contributing to a vigorous Japanese economy and financial system. The Financial Markets Panel was launched as part of this effort.

Introduction to the Financial Markets Panel

The Financial Markets Panel is a group of academics and practitioners brought together by the Nomura Research Institute to discuss policies relating financial markets. Launched in March 2009, the Panel meets roughly once every two months.

Global financial markets have expanded to include emerging economies, and participants now range from professionals to retail investors. As such, a disruption of market functions due to an event like the recent financial crisis affects a much broader swathe of economic activity than in the past. Academics, practitioners, and policymakers must work together to help ensure that policies implemented by financial authorities and central banks act as intended without leading to unwanted side effects. They need to take responsibility for identifying policy needs, studying policy theory, and planning and implementing policy while sharing information and opinions with specialists in other fields.

Until now Japan has lacked a forum where specialists from a variety of fields can exchange information and present their views on financial market policy from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Although various interpretations of and solutions to the current crisis have been proposed, these efforts have been hindered by limitations in the theoretical framework, available market information, and the feasibility of policy implementation, and debate has often been thrown into confusion.

The Financial Markets Panel was created in an attempt to overcome these limitations and constraints. Its objective is to bring together experts in theory and practice and ask them to share their knowledge regarding the latest market trends and theoretical developments and offer their views on financial market policy. By publishing the proceedings of these meetings in both Japanese and English and distributing them to policymakers, academics, and practitioners both inside and outside Japan, the Panel hopes to contribute to the development of sound financial policy.

To this end, the Panel needs the opinions of a wide range of people involved with the financial markets. We look forward to your help and guidance.

Tetsuya Inoue
Organizer of Financial Markets Panel
Chief Researcher, Financial Technology and Market Research Department, Nomura Research Institute