1. Financial Markets Panel

The Financial Markets Panel was formed in March 2009, and the Japan–China Financial Roundtable and the Banking Panel were added in 2012. While the group’s scope has broadened, its objectives remain the same.

Specifically, it seeks to facilitate the exchange of information and opinions among theoreticians, practitioners, and policymakers as they fulfill specific roles such as recognizing policy needs, studying policy theory, and planning and implementing policy itself. By doing so it is hoped that public policy will be able to achieve its desired impact without unwanted side-effects in the financial markets and the major economies, which have changed dramatically since the financial crisis.

Unfortunately, Japan has not done enough to provide forums for experts to discuss their views and share information from the dual perspectives of theory and practice. This has prevented key information—including knowledge of the theoretical framework, information about trends in financial markets and financial institutions, and experiences with policy implementation—from informing interpretations of and solutions for the global financial crisis.

These three panels were created to overcome these limitations and constraints by enabling theoreticians and practitioners to discuss desirable directions for policy while sharing their knowledge regarding the latest market trends and theories.

The Financial Markets Panel, the Japan–China Financial Roundtable, and the Banking Panel were established respectively to discuss central bank policy, financial markets in China and Japan, and commercial banking functions. Each consists of individuals with expertise in relevant areas. In the hope of encouraging a cross-fertilization of ideas, the panels will share information and knowledge and adopt an integrated approach to topics and issues (see Figure below). The three objectives of the Financial Markets Panel since the outset—1) to discuss issues from a neutral and objective standpoint, 2) to share the findings of those discussions with a broad range of experts inside and outside Japan, and 3) to contribute to the creation of a community of experts—will also be assumed by the newly expanded organization, which includes the Japan–China Financial Roundtable and the Banking Panel.

Enhancing the quality of discussion in this three-panel body will require input from individuals engaged in a variety of roles in the financial markets and financial institutions. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Financial Market Panels

Established by Nomura Research Institute to discuss financial markets policy with a focus on central banking, the Panel has been meeting on a bimonthly basis since its creation in March 2009. Standing members include both academics and practitioners.

Banking Panel

Formed by Nomura Research Institute to discuss financial system functions with a focus on commercial banking in Japan. Standing members include both academics and practitioners.

Japan-China Financial Roundtable

Jointly sponsored by Nomura Research Institute and the China Finance 40 Forum, the Roundtable provides opportunities for experts to discuss financial markets policy in Japan and China.