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Mizuho Securities uses NRI's AI Solution, TRAINA VOICE Digest

Sep 13. 2018

Client Profile: Mizuho Securities

In 2017 Mizuho Securities kicked off a project to overhaul their organization’s voice interactions, particularly in retail and business banking, to both improve client services and assure fiduciary compliance. Mizuho partnered with NRI to use NRI’s AI-enabled TRAINA VOICE Digest solution to gather data and analyze the organization’s voice content. This surveillance into Mizuho’s voice practices not only provided the institution with clear records and summaries of ‘risky interactions,’ but also a close examination of their customer experience and satisfaction of their voice services on an enterprise level.

For more detail on the results and benefits of NRI and Mizuho’s AI-enabled voice overhaul project, check out the full case study here.

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