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Case Study: Nomura Asset Management adopts the SmartBridge Advance ordermanagement system

Dec 04. 2012

Client Profile: Nomura Asset Management

Implemented Solution: SmartBridge Advance

NAM installed the money market asset OMS to comply with the changes for Japanese government bond shortened settlement cycles, migrating from three days (T+3) to two days (T+2) starting in April 2012. As a result of shortening the overall settlement period, special collateral (SC) repos (government securities lending transactions collateralized with cash) were shortened from T+3 to T+2, while general collateral (GC) repos (cash loans collateralized by government securities) were shortened from T+2 to T+1. These changes increased the post-trade reconciliation workload for trades involving money market assets. NAM was then able to automate post-trade reconciliation, which it had previously been doing manually.

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