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Financial Institutions' Support for Global Business and NRI's global Development

We have come to see Japan's financial markets as seamlessly integrated with the global market. Despite the existence of a variety of domestic strategies, financial policies, and regulations for financial institutions in Japan, the outflow of Japan's personal financial assets abroad has not stopped. And Japan's domestic markets have been hit hard by the impact of the global market. One of NRI's main missions is to provide solutions to support the business of financial institutions in these times.

The business strategies of Japanese corporations expanding globally straddle different countries and regions and are developing laterally. However, up to now, IT solutions have been managed by country and region, which was a huge obstacle to implementing a global strategy. NRI provides support to put IT strategies based on business strategies decided in Tokyo in practice globally, with "From Tokyo to the world" as the underlying concept. NRI also supports top management in Tokyo in assessing IT strategies based on accurate data by analyzing a variety of problems and issues that arise from each local region.

In order to strengthen services to financial institutions that operate globally, NRI is continuing to strengthen its system for providing IT services around the globe. Adding to four long-time bases in New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong, NRI Dalian was established in 2010 and NRI Financial Technologies India was established in 2012. NRI Dalian is expanding and actively developing BPO services. NRI Financial Technologies India is positioned as a base for customer support and development of globally-relevant solutions.

NRI will further expand its support for financial institutions that operate globally in the future.



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